Nadine is best friends with Ellie and Magda. She has a gothic style, with very pale skin, long black hair, and black and silver clothes. She has a mother, father, and little sister Natasha, whom she despises. She and Ellie have been best friends since preschool and at first did not like Magda when Ellie became friends with her. Soon, she began to like her and the twosome became a threesome. In fact, in Girls in Tears, Ellie was upset because Nadine and Magda were such good friends and left her out, because they didn't like Ellie's boyfriend Russell.

Nadine has had one serious boyfriend, Liam. Liam was a lot older than her and enchanted her by declaring his love for her when all he wanted was to amuse himself by having sex with her. He was quite good-looking and broke her heart, and in Girls out Late he wanted to get back together with her. Nadine was also enchanted by a boy she met online, Ellis on her favorite website. Ellis charmed her by sending her passionate love letters but turned out to be a very old, skeevy man.